Frequent Bowler
Benefits with Activities
Benefits at the Cafe bar
How to be a member ?
uStrike is open to all, but for those of you who would like to use our facilities on a regular basis, we offer a great value 'frequent user' scheme. As uStrike introduces new activities, joining as a member provides wide variarity of benifits.
Bowling Standard       Memeber
Adult 5.25      4.25
Bowling Junior 4.90      4.00
Bowling Child 3.90      3.00
Second Game       50% off
Young Family One Game
1 Adult + Child       5.25
1 Adult + 2 children       7.25
2 Adult + 2 children       9.25
One game of free bowling for every sixth visit.
Quality of life not Quantity.
Discount given for all snacks and drinks at the bar. uStrike endeavour to match convenience shops like CostCutter and local pubs prices. Check it out our online bar menu.
Simple, just play at least one game a month. Alternatively you can pay annualy a membership fee of 14.40 per person or 21 .60 for a family of 2 adults and children under the age of 16. Apply for membership online.
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