Newtown carnival 2012 was extended to host a free local gig called NewStage. uStrike sponsered the event and uStrike hope that this would be an annual event to provide a stage for the great local talent that is out there. New Stage 2012 was on the 9th of June (Jubilee Weekend) and was directly after carnival, starting at 5:30pm and finishing at 10:30pm.

Please contact NewStage, if you have any ideas for NewStage event.
NewStage 2012

The amazingly talented Alex Davies started the event. We then had Glasshouse, who are an emerging band from Shrewsbury who really know how to put on a great show. The Misty Blue Trio from Welshpool followed suit, with their fast paced, originally funky sound. Co-headed The Beast with a Million Eyes, who already have a massive local presence. Mk Zero was the final band, who are a band from Shrewsbury and have headlined countless festivals.
School Reward Tokens
Teachers use rewards and incentives as a tool in the classroom for increasing motivation in their pupils by rewarding them for good effort, good work, and good behaviour.

uStrike provides following unique pupil reward tokens to schools to use within their reward and incentive system. There is no cost associated to schools.
  Gold :- Free Game for winner and 2 friends                     or Family upto 4 members
  Silver :- Free Game for winner and a friend
  Bronze :- Free Game for winner and a friend

Please contact uStrike for further details.