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During the London 2012 Olympics, laser guns were used instead of traditional air pistols and rifles for the modern pentathlon event. The laser pistols fire a laser beam, which does not have the ability to harm the eye.
The pistols “shoot” laser beam, taking into account of the delay in-between discharge of compressed air that’s set off by a trigger and the release of a pellet. The guns are engineered to produce a brief pause between the moment the trigger is pulled and the laser beam is released, requiring the shooter to maintain a steady trigger finger. Also the laser is delayed to replicate the time it takes a pellet to leave the barrel of a pistol. The laser module emits an eye-safe laser beam of light that traces the target with a tiny red dot.
Precision laser targets not only monitor the black zone area, but also have been designed to monitor the white surrounding area. This is very similar to a pellet target, which will register the surrounding area to increase training ability. The target is 75 mm in radius and divided into 11 annular rings.
The hit location is registered with the precision of 0.1mm. However the target light displays the general shot position to the audience. Hit on white area - All 5 reds, black ring 7- 1 blue, ring 8- 2 blues, ring 9- 3 blues, ring 10- 4 blues, Bullseye- 5 blues
All the laser equipments at uStrike are accredited by the The International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM). Please contact uStrike, if you are interested in organising training sessions or residential courses. All our laser equipments are portable with a 12m by 6m marquee to set up competitions anywhere nationally.
Precision Laser Shooting is a leisure activity very similar to Tenpin Bowling. Players take it in turns to shoot instead of bowl, with a laser gun. The Precision Laser Target detects the hit point very precisely and register points with the accuracy of 0.1. Bulls eye score 11 points while the annular ring area marked with 0 on the target registers 0.
A game of Laser Shooting is divided into ten segments. In a segment, each player is given five opportunities to shoot at the target. Once the player has taken the first shot, then 50 seconds is given to take the rest of the four shots. All fours shots need to be taken with in the time limit. The total points are registered when the player has taken all five shots or the time limit has exceeded and the next player starts his or her turn.
Even though the target is 10 meters away, black and white areas of the target are visible. The annular rings with points are not visible to the naked eye. But the overhead monitor shows the target in colour code to easily identify the hit location for self-correction.
The overhead monitor shows the game sequence as well as the scores through out the game. "Start to shoot" appear on the monitor with the player name. The timer starts 50 seconds countdown after the first shot to complete further 4 shots. If the player hasn't taken his or her first shot within 50 seconds time limit, the timer starts to countdown.
Electronic Point of Sight is available for the less experienced to enjoy the leisure activity side by side. All ages can play together.
In this electronic point of sight a red aiming dot is being projected onto the lens such that it is superimposed on to the target view for aiming. As no other means of aiming such as sight and foresight are required, you are able to take your aim with both your eyes opened thus eliminating the elaborate process of having to align sight and foresight.